Eye Misalignment

Eye Misalignment

          Eye misalignment, or ocular misalignment, refers to a condition where the eyes are not properly aligned when looking at an object. This is referred to by doctors as one’s phoria or phoric posture.  When it is intermittent or only present under certain conditions it can be challenging to detect.  Eye care professionals that specialize in vision training and/or vision therapy are acutely attuned to measuring the posture of the eyes for this misalignment. Eye misalignment can occur due to various factors including muscle imbalance, aberrant development during childhood or neurological issues.

Treatment Options: Treatment for eye misalignment may include:

Prescription Eyewear: Glasses or contact lenses can help correct vision and alleviate strain.

  • Vision Therapy: Customized exercises to improve eye coordination and strengthen weak eye muscles to achieve balance.

Surgery: Surgical intervention may be necessary in severe cases to realign the eyes.

Symptoms of a misalignment include double vision, difficulty focusing, difficulty reading and eye strain that may feel like a headache.  

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Eye Misalignment

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