Deficient Saccades

Deficient Saccades

           Saccades are eye movements that resemble tiny jumps; as opposed to smooth pursuits that don’t jump from object to object but rather track an object as it moves.  Deficient saccades are significant due to their most common use: READING. When reading we jump from word to word, phrase to phrase, paragraph to paragraph, section to section on the page and the efficiency of our reading is in part dependent on the efficiency of our eye movements while we read.  The King-Devick test performed free of charge on all children age 6 to 18 during their comprehensive eye exam identifies patients whom need further evaluation and the Vision Training Evaluation measures one’s abilities compared to normal and/or their previous evaluation to both determine how we can help and track the impact of the treatment.

Treatment Options: Effective treatments for deficient saccades may include:

  • Vision Therapy: Specialized exercises and activities to improve accuracy and efficiency while reading.

  • Practice makes perfect: Simply reading more often to improve reading skills does work, but it has its limitations just like running to improve your ability to run your fastest has limitations. When your goal is to run in a competitive race you often times need assistance from a professional.

  • Home Therapy Programs: Techniques and exercises to practice at home between Vision Training sessions.

Book an Appointment Today: If your child is losing his/her place while reading or finding it difficult to finish timed tests contact 4Sight iCare in Plainfield, IL. 4Sight iCare can evaluate your visual skills and recommend the best treatment plan to improve your ability to read efficiently and comfortably.

Deficient Saccades

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