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We support local and national causes because we care about our community. Our owner, Dr. Mark Burke believes it is important to give back to optometry (1), community (2), those in need beyond our reach (3), and to the welfare of our planet at large (4). That’s why he’s aligned 4Sight iCare with several organizations that do just that:

  1. Our doctor volunteers time and energy to the American Optometric Association & Illinois Optometric Association as a career-long AOA member, West Suburban Optometric Society (WSOS) Vice President, and most recently WSOS President; this organization is responsible for the Continuing Education opportunities to all doctors of optometry in this region of Illinois. He believes in paying it forward by sharing techniques, research findings, and cutting edge technology with his colleagues to elevate the profession for the benefit of public health.
  2. Dr. Burke has also been involved as what Helen Keller called being a “Knight for the Blind” as a volunteer within Illinois’ chapters of Lions Club International in his hometowns of Chicago, Peoria, and now Plainfield since 2006 - including serving as the Founder/Vice President and President at the Illinois College of Optometry Chapter’s Leo Club in ’08 and ’09, respectively. Once your backup pair of glasses has served its purpose there is a donation box located at the office for your used glasses to be best-fit to those in need around the world. We support other local businesses & organizations in the Plainfield/Naperville area with our Small Business Owner 20/20 Plan and participation within the Plainfield & Shorewood Area Chamber of Commerce, Oswego Area Chamber of Commerce, Plainfield Pride Ally-Owned Businesses, Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry & Community Services, and other non-for profit organizations that partner with us to make a positive impact in our community.
  3. Our participation in the iCare and Share Program through Optometry Giving Sight means that we have now donated thousands of dollars (because every glasses purchase prompts a donation) so that children in underserved communities around the globe have been able to get eye exams and glasses thanks to patients like you. In the U.S., Essilor has partnered with offices like 4Sight iCare to provide eye exams and glasses at no cost. Your generous donations received through a text message earns you the right to grace our wall of honor with your name, or you can make a direct donation to the Essilor Vision Foundation. Essilor’s See Kids Soar program is how we give back locally when everything else has too much red tape in the way to help children see. We also carry frame brands with intention. MODO has their Buy A Frame - Help a Child See program; we signed up with them upon opening in 2015. Every time you purchase a MODO frame you know you’re helping a child somewhere receive a medical appliance that without your contribution they’d otherwise suffer without. MODO relies on the SEVA foundation to execute the charitable arm of this program.
  4. Like MODO, ECO has a mission attached to their eyewear sales: One Frame, One Tree. With the sale of every pair of eyewear containing an Ecological Conscious Optics frame, Trees for the Future (a non-profit organization) plants a tree. With millions of trees planted, the “born recycled” frame company and other like-minded frame manufacturers are also working to remove harmful plastics from our oceans, create sustainable infrastructure, and save our planet. We celebrate these actions taken by the frame industry every day but especially on Earth Day, and they’re not the only ones - contact lens companies are joining in the cause. Coopervision is a major contact lens vendor used at our office in part because they are now 100% pla`stic neutral. We also work with Bausch & Lomb’s ONE by ONE program to recycle contact lens plastic blister packs and foil tops - just bring in your bag of contact lens containers and we will RECYCLE them with Terracycle for free.
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