Eccentric Fixation

Eccentric Fixation

         Eccentric fixation is a condition where the eyes do not use the fovea (the central part of the retina responsible for sharp vision) to fixate on an object. Instead, the eyes rely on a peripheral area of the retina for fixation, leading to reduced visual acuity and difficulty seeing details. Several tests performed at an annual eye exam identify possibility of this compensating fixation often associated with eye misalignment; definitive testing is performed at a Vision Training Evaluation called the Macula Integrity Test where the technology quite literally enables one to experience and understand central or eccentric fixation.

Treatment Options: Treatment for eccentric fixation may involve:

  • Vision Therapy: Techniques to train the eyes and brain to rely on the fovea for fixation and improve central vision.

  • Bioptic Devices: Optical aids such as bioptic telescopes to enhance vision for specific tasks as prescribed by a low vision specialist.

Specialized Training: Exercises and activities to promote central fixation and improve visual function.

Schedule a Consultation: To learn more about eccentric fixation and explore treatment options, contact Dr. Mark Burke at 4Sight iCare in Plainfield, IL. Our team is dedicated to helping patients improve their vision and quality of life through personalized care and innovative therapies.

Eccentric Fixation

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