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We believe Quality Eyewear consists of 4 parts: Frames, Lens Material, Lens Design, and Lens Features.

We’ve worked hard to ensure we provide people with the most effective, high-quality products and features available to ensure clear vision. Learn more and choose the quality of care of 4Sight iCare.

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1. Frames

At 4Sight iCare we believe in shopping for that perfect frame that suits your personality. It has to speak to your demeanor and perform well at its only job: to hold your lenses in the right position before your eyes.

To that end, we curate several lines of frames that are high fashion, highly popular, and of high quality. Visit our online frames browsing shop try on the glasses virtually, expanding our frame portfolio to be greater than 13,000 options.

We even allow our patients to special order up to 2 frames to try-on in our office without commitment to purchase.

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2. Lens Material

There exist 4 basic lens materials worth considering:


Trivex is the BEST lens material to mix together all benefits of light-weight, impact-resistant, unsurpassed optical clarity, and we call it our HD lens when combined with the designs and features that provide the sharpest vision for anyone who might wear their glasses to drive or wants the visual clarity you get from a High Definition lens material


Polycarbonate isn’t HD because it does not have the same optical properties although it shares all the other properties with Trivex.

Super-thin and Ultra-thin High Index Plastics

Higher index plastics come in two strengths for bending light: super-thin and ultra-thin. While they are thinner we do sacrifice some of the impact resistance so we don’t recommend doing this until the power of the lens is greater than +/-4 Diopters to see your best.

Your Vision Report will list this if your power exceeds the limits of Polycarbonate or Trivex. We won’t force you into a high index material because it’s part of a package, the doctor has worked really hard to make this process work for absolutely everybody.

3. Lens Design

Transparent sales is a highlight of 4Sight iCare as an office owned and operated by an eye doctor rather than a corporation. We have lenses for any budget: from Basic to Best+. The retail price of the impact-resistant Crizal treated lenses can range from $95 (after instant savings on a complete pair) to $1,165 (in a Varilux multifocal with Transitions made out of an ultra-thin material).

See the Difference Design Makes ​​​​​​​

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There are videos, pamphlets, pictures, and digital simulators using augmented reality to display the vision difference IN YOUR PRESCRIPTION within these different levels.

On every package, the doctor prescribes we use Essilor’s Eyezen or Varilux lenses because the research and development coming out of Essilor put their lens designs a cut above the rest.

​​​​​​​We are also a 100% Crizal non-glare treatment office; we don’t offer a subpar non-glare because we’d rather that you get a quality scratch coat than a non-glare coating that will fail in months to a year requiring a replacement purchase. See the difference between Varilux Progress Lenses compared to Standard Progressive Lenses.


4. Lens Features

There is a combination of features, materials, and designs that will help you SEE YOUR BEST.

Your doctor’s Vision Report will list the package that the doctor finds is beneficial for you, not just the highest one on the lens chart, like some places. You’ll be offered everything you need to see your best and nothing you don’t. The doctor is passionate about a few lens features and it’s pretty sensible why an eye doctor would have a bias toward these features:

  1. Ultra-Violet radiation (UV) causes early cataracts and cancer inside the eye as well as on the delicate skin surrounding the eyes – so using POLARIZED sunglasses (polarization makes you a safer driver) and other protective eyewear is strongly encouraged.
  2. Next to UV is the harmful blue light of the visible spectrum that is responsible for Macular Degeneration. TRANSITIONS protect against these harmful rays at a tune of 20% indoors, over 80% outdoors, and 100% of UVA and UVB.
  3. NON-GLARE TREATMENTS like CRIZAL allow 7% more light into the eye, make the lens easier to clean, and improve the E-SPF by up to 20% by preventing UV from reflecting off the backside of the lens into the eyes.
  4. The DIGITAL CLEAR BLUE FILTER removes 20% of the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices without changing lens appearance.

These common-sense, eye care features are so important that our doctor carries sunglasses and digital device lenses in the office that are pre-fabricated; these options are ready-to-wear without power over the top of your contact lenses or for anyone who doesn’t wear correction while they need this protection, and when prescribed at your eye exam all the non-powered, pre-fabricated eyewear is 25% off the retail price!

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