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Athletes need a clear vision to help them process what is happening before them, helping them identify other players and their next move. Seeing an optometrist for comprehensive eye exams, including sports vision therapy, can help improve sports performance and keep athletes' eyes healthy. Visit our doctor of optometry to learn more and see who they can help. At 4Sight iCare in Plainfield, IL, we offer comprehensive eye care, including specialized care for our athletic patients.

​​​​​​​Our Optometrist Located in Plainfield, IL: we at 4Sight iCare can be your go-to optometrist for enhancing your sports performance through sports vision care. If you're an athlete, you may have questions about how sports vision can improve your game. Below are some questions and answers to some questions about sports vision and the benefits of incorporating it into your training.

    What's the Importance of Sports Vision?

    Sports vision focuses on optimizing your visual skills to enhance sports performance. It involves specialized eye care that goes beyond routine eye exams to include exercises, techniques, and eye wear designed to improve visual skills or correct eye sight while playing sports.

    What Is Sports Vision?

    Sports vision is the ability to perceive, process, and react to visual information accurately. It involves the coordination of the eyes, brain, and body to achieve optimal performance in sports activities. For example, sports vision training can improve athletes' ability to track moving objects, judge depth and distance, and enhance peripheral vision. Sports vision therapy can help athletes react faster, make better decisions, and achieve better results in their chosen sports

    How Can an Optometrist Help with Sports Performance?

    When it comes to sports performance, many people need to realize their eyesight's vital role. That's where an optometrist can make a difference! Our optometrist can help you identify issues in your athletic pursuits by carefully examining your vision and eye health. For example, we suggest specialized glasses or contacts to help you better track moving objects, or recommend exercises to improve your peripheral vision. As a result, our optometrist can take your sports performance to the next level and achieve your goals.

    What Are Some Benefits of Sports Vision?

    Here are some potential benefits of sports vision:

    Improved Use of Peripheral Vision

    A strong peripheral vision can be important for athletes who need to maintain awareness of their surroundings, such as soccer and football players. With help from our optometry team, sports vision training can help improve your peripheral vision, potentially allowing you to react faster to changes in the field.

    Faster Reaction Time

    In high-speed sports, every second counts. We can help improve your reaction time by training your brain to process visual information faster, potentially enabling you to make quicker decisions in high-pressure situations.

    Sharper Dynamic Visual Acuity

    Dynamic visual acuity refers to the ability to see clearly while in motion. Sports vision training helps you maintain clear vision even when you or the object you're focusing on is moving, which can be important for sports like hockey and basketball.

    Get Eye Care from Our Eye Doctor in Plainfield, IL

    If you're an athlete in Plainfield, IL, looking to enhance your sports performance, visit us at 4Sight iCare for a sports vision evaluation. Our optometrist will assess your visual skills and design a personalized training program to help you reach your full potential. Don't let poor vision hold you back. Book an appointment with our eye doctor today and unlock your true athletic potential. Call us at (815) 676-4474 for more information from our optometrist on our optometry team.

    Can I Still Wear Eyeglasses While Playing Sports?

    You can still wear eyeglasses while playing sports! Many athletes wear glasses during their games, and even sports goggles are made specifically for people who need vision correction. It's essential to ensure your glasses fit securely and comfortably, so they don't slip or get in the way while you play. Consider investing in sports glasses with shatterproof lenses, especially if you're playing a contact sport. Wearing glasses should allow you to enjoy sports and perform at your best.

    Improve Your Sports Performance by Seeing an Optometrist

    Doctors of optometry help check your eyes for visual clarity, eye health, and overall health. Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor to improve your sports performance. Contact 4Sight iCare in Plainfield, IL, to learn about our sports vision program and how we can help local athletes. Call our office at (815) 676-4474 to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists.

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