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eye protection

MVP: Maximum Vision Protection

At the center of our vision there exists a spot where the seeing cells are most dense and the tissue is designed to remove any obstructions. This spot is called the MACULA.


Healthy Tears

Over 44 million Americans suffer with Dry Eye Disease, and the leading cause of dry eye is evaporative in the form of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Approximately 86% of dry eye is caused by a dysfunction of the glands that leads to degradation of the glands and eventually gland drop out.

glare and contrast

Glare & Contrast

Sensitivity to glare and the ability to recognize an object that has nearly camouflaged into the background color is useful in every day life as well as in high performance situations.


Performance Vitamins

Visual performance achieved through macular pigment supplementation includes contrast sensitivity, glare recovery, and a better MPOD

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