Training for Visual Performance

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Visual Skills used for Performance in school, work, and sport are much the same; therefore you want to develop the visual performance of a professional or SEE LIKE A PRO as we put it to our Sports Vision Clients whether sport is your goal or not. Competition is what pushes us to do our absolute best. You may think you’ve got your fastest time around the track by trying; but when you are compared to a standard, every second counts.

We are as competitive about your visual skills as you are about your speed, agility and strength, and you should be too!

What’s fantastic about these skills developed for sport is that student athletes develop better reading and cognitive skills that are also useful in the classroom.

Just imagine that you were told you needed a running coach and so they broke down each stride by slow motion videography, measured your gait, and evaluated the efficiency of each foot placement and shift from heel to toe.

We do that for reading, whether it’s reading a book or reading a field/court/pitch/ice with infra-red cameras that track your eye movements, measurements of your extra-ocular muscle endurance and coordination, and evaluate the teaming to produce an efficient outcome like reading a standardized test performing at multiple object tracking in 3D.

When scheduling your child for an annual vision exam you will go where you feel you’ll get the best outcomes, but when you are scheduling your child athlete it’s a no-brainer to that the best outcome will be to schedule with the Sports Vision Doctor!

Put another way we take NORMAL visual performance and push the boundary of your visual skills well beyond 20/20 to help you SEE YOUR BEST!


The RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ is one of the ways we measure student athletes visual performance compared to the professional they seek to become.

What’s your Sports Vision EyeQ?

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