Performance Lenses


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Retainers and Scleral Lenses

  • Retainers and Scleral fittings are specialty lenses designed to either provide LASIK-like results without surgery or a new front surface for the eye to see clearly for the first time. Global fees include all materials, additional visits with advanced technologies in the office, and necessary education for its use. There are several tiers within these two respective categories but the all-inclusive global fee for this service starts as low as 4 Easy Payments of $394.
    • Scleral contact lens fitting is also used in our treatment of severe dry eye. When dessicaton of the ocular surface reaches the point where we can improve comfort by trapping healthy tears against the eye for the length of the day we turn to Scleral contact lenses. When irregularity on the front surface of the eye is such that clear vision can’t be achieved any other way, we use Scleral contact lenses. When athletes or professionals need clear sharp vision in a custom contact that they don’t want to ever possibly pop out during times of high performance, Scleral contacts is the correction that works for anybody.
    • Vision Shaping Retainers are worn at night while sleeping and gently change your vision to 20/20 overnight. The next morning, removal of the retainers means you won’t be wearing anything for approximately 18 hours – you’ll just be seeing! Check out Vision Shaping Treatment or SMILE/LASIK consultations as each are offered complimentary to established patients as a professional courtesy. Retainers and dual focus contacts are also used in Myopia Management.
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