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At the center of our vision there exists a spot where the seeing cells are most dense and the tissue is designed to remove any obstructions. This spot is called the macula - the center of your vision. mvp baseball advantages This central area is best utilized when it is pointed directly at the target you want to see. With all that fine detail the macula is responsible for the combined distance tracking of objects using your true depth perception called stereopsis. At the VTE (Vision Training Evaluation) this ability will be measured using specialized equipment to measure and track your true depth perception. At an MVP: Maximum Vision Performance your eye doctor will compare 4 key measurements known to be risk factors for developing vision loss caused by Macular Degeneration

1) MPOD (Macular Pigment Optical Density) is the density of the macular pigment as measured optically in the eye. Several studies indicate that a dense amount of macular pigment enhance visual performance.

2) Contrast Sensitivity is a measure of how easily the sensors in your eyes identify a white baseball in front of a white cloud.

3) Glare Recovery and light sensitivity are improved by helping your seeing cells recover from bright lights and improving your macular pigment .

4) Ocular Nutrition Consultation of your current intake and what vitamins or dietary changes enhance your intake, digestive absorption, and ocular density of these performance enhancing vitamins.

This service takes just 30 minutes and is subject to the 4EP Benefit granting $40 Instant Savings 4 Established Patients!

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Visual performance achieved through macular pigment supplementation includes contrast sensitivity, glare recovery, and a better MPOD — but it can go far beyond that: professional and amateur athletes who use our guidance for ocular nutrition can expect to see with greater color definition, react faster due to decreased latency in the information traveling along the visual pathway inside the brain, and even improve cognitive ability that works in classroom as well as on the field for student athletes. Not everyone will want to take advantage of a competitive edge in sports, but we will help those that want that.


We will evaluate and recommend to our sports vision clients the same way we evaluate and manage eye disease for our medical eye care patients. The stakes are just different when dealing with visual performance; it’s not typically as life changing — UNLESS you’re depending on your eyes for a career as a firefighter, police officer, professional driver, member of an elite military force, or as a professional athlete. Once a child is 17 years old and seeking athletic scholarship funds or programs leading to their ideal profession this level of supplementation is necessary to achieve the best performance. More so than the smaller doses available in a teen vitamin. Visual edge is a competitive advantage that’s NSF Sport certified and legal! You’re going to want to take advantage of the tools used at the highest level!

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