Glaucoma is a general term referring to diseases that lead to optic nerve damage. The eye doctor recommends seeking early glaucoma treatment to prevent significant damage to your eyes. Our Optometrist at 4Sight iCare Center in Plainfield, IL, can keep you from becoming part of the statistics with comprehensive eye and vision exams. Our optometry department also offers other treatments to relieve glaucoma patients.

Early detection and glaucoma treatment are key to preventing vision loss in patients. This eye disease may have no cure yet, but you can take measures to slow its progression and preserve your sight.

Particular Age

Primary open-angle glaucoma is common and can develop at any age. You suffer a higher risk if you are over 40 years. Other factors may increase your chances of developing glaucoma. Closely start monitoring yourself, noting slight changes in your vision. Increase your frequency of eye checkups if you are aged 40 or older.

Cataract vs glaucoma

Regular Eye Exams

Most people don’t see the need to go to the eye doctor when their eyes seem to work fine. However, eye screening can reveal crucial information regarding the state of your eyes. Schedule a comprehensive eye and vision exam at least twice yearly to prevent and treat glaucoma and other eye issues.

Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses

When the eye doctor prescribes glasses or contact lenses to correct refractive errors, you are vulnerable to eye issues like glaucoma. Nearsightedness and farsightedness are common eye issues that increase your risk of developing glaucoma.

Eye Injury

Whether you have a recent or old eye injury, you might incur damage to the optic nerve, which means you are at risk of developing glaucoma. Injuries that cause eye drainage due to a puncture wound to the eye or blunt force trauma can cause glaucoma. Thus, if you have sports-related injuries or were recently involved in an accident where your eyes were affected, get regular eye checkups.

Existing Health Issues

The general state of your health can determine whether you’re at risk of developing eye issues. High blood pressure, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, and heart disease are a few health conditions that increase your chances of developing glaucoma

Glaucoma Treatment in Plainfield, IL

There’s little you can do to avoid developing glaucoma if you are at risk. However, keeping close contact with your optometrist and regular checkups allows eye doctors to treat the issue early enough and maintain your long-term vision. Contact 4Sight iCare Center in Plainfield, IL, at (815) 676-4474 to schedule your next eye exam or book an appointment for glaucoma treatment.

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