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Learn About The Contact Lens Fitting And Evaluation Process At 4Sight iCare

The contact lens fitting & evaluation is performed immediately following a comprehensive eye exam. We ask your goals and test for your best vision so we can determine what lens should suit you best. We can extend your visit up to 90 days to add services like a Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation (CLFE) or a follow-up Contact Lens Progress Evaluation (CLPE) so you may pay for the service without paying for an additional visit.

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It’s always best to start the process at your exam so you can take advantage of FREE EXCHANGE of any supply should the trial not go well. Each and every fitting includes a diagnostic pair of lenses that your doctor checks on the eye for stability and safety; additional trials are available upon request. We also require new contact lens wearers to take a class at a cost of $20, $0 after most vision plan insurances.​​​​​​​

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation Services:

Level 1 CLFE includes soft lens fitting for a spherical or astigmatism correcting contact lens. The price for this service is $90 but costs as low as $0 after insurance.

Level 2 CLFE includes monovision, multifocal design, color contact lenses, or spherical custom lenses. This service may also be as little as $0 after insurance but is valued at $110.

Level 3 CLFE includes semi-custom and custom lenses including hybrid hard/soft, multifocal toric soft lenses, extended range toric lenses, gas permeable toric, or multifocal. Determination of your prescription in these types of contact lenses is valued at $170.

Level 4 Retainers and Scleral fittings are specialty lenses designed to either provide LASIK-like results without surgery or a new front surface for the eye to see clearly for the first time. Global fees include all materials, additional visits with advanced technologies in the office, and necessary education for its use. There are several tiers within these two respective categories, but the all-inclusive global fee for this service starts as low as 4 Easy Payments of $394.

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Specialty Contact Lens Services:

  • Scleral Lens: Used for the treatment of severe dry eye, scleral lenses trap healthy tears against the eye for the length of the day, improving comfort. Scleral lenses are also used when irregularity on the front surface of the eye prevents clear vision and for athletes or professionals needing clear sharp vision without the risk of the lens popping out during high performance.

  • Vision Shaping Treatment (Ortho-K): Vision Shaping Retainers are worn at night while sleeping and gently change your vision to 20/20 overnight. The next morning, removal of the retainers means you won’t be wearing anything for approximately 18 hours – you’ll just be seeing! Vision Shaping Treatment or SMILE/LASIK consultations are offered complimentary to established patients as a professional courtesy. Retainers and dual-focus contacts are also used in Myopia Management.

  • Myopia Management: We offer treatments including ortho-k (vision shaping treatment) and dual-focus contact lenses to slow the progression of myopia in children and young adults.

  • Dry Eye Treatment: For severe dry eye conditions, scleral lenses can provide significant relief by maintaining a moist environment for the eyes throughout the day.

  • Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses: We fit performance-tinted contact lenses for outdoor sports. The Altius tinted lenses improve visual performance during play and block blue light from digital devices.

Discover the best contact lens options for your vision and lifestyle needs at 4Sight iCare. We are committed to providing personalized care and the latest in contact lens technology to ensure you see your best.

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